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Energy Bike
Erin Tebbe, Hannah Pemberton, Ava Benner, and Alyssa Earich participated in DP&L's AEGIS ENERGY BIKE program. The girls along with Mrs. Ackerman wired the light board and learned about energy concepts. Come try out the Energy Bike and learn about energy conservation at the community picnic! The girls are excited to share what they have learned!  
Graduation DVD and Photos
2015 Graduation DVD's will be on sale. You can request your order right now. Mr. Young's Multimedia class in the fall of 2015 will be responsible for editing the graduation video. The video should be able for pick up around September or October. Please click here to request a copy!

Also, graduation ceremony photos are available through Champine Photography. Click here to view the gallery. Make sure to disable any ad blocker if page does not load.
Mrs. Davis Class Recycling
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