Twin Valley

Community Local Schools

  • 100 Education Drive West Alexandria, OH 45381


As many of us are all too aware, there have been many events recently that have caused the Twin Valley Community School District to continue to refine our safety and security measures.  While we realize that some of these changes may create an inconvenience, I ask that everyone please understand that the safety of your students is our top priority.  Going forward, the only doors accessible to the students will be Door 21, Door 26 and Door 30.  ALL other doors will remain locked.

Effective Monday, April 9th, the following changes will be put in place:
  • ALL Third Street Doors will remain locked each morning and will not be used for morning access into the building (Doors 17, 19 and 20).  
  • Each morning, walkers should plan to enter at the following locations: MS/HS Students should plan to enter at Door 21 (MS/HS Office) and Elementary Students should plan on entering at Door 26 (ES Office).
  • The interior entrance doors at Door 21 will not be opened until 7:20am and the interior entrance doors at Door 26 will not be opened until 8:20am.  The outside doors at each of these entrances will open at 6:45a and 7:00a respectively. 
  • We ask that each building's students not be dropped off at the school until the above listed times.  However, if a student must be dropped off early, they will be able to wait in the corridor between the outside and inside doors at door number 21 and 26.
  • HS/MS car riders should plan on being dropped off no earlier than 7:20am at Door 30 (Commons Entrance).  The outside Commons Entrance Doors will not be opened until 7:20am
  • Elementary School car riders should plan on being dropped off at their normal location (Door 26) no earlier than 8:20am.  
  • Student Drivers will continue to park in their current location, but will not have access to the building (Door 30) until 7:20am.
  • Bus riders will continue to be dropped off at the same location each day.  The only change will be that MS students will enter at Door 21 (HS/MS Office).
We appreciate your cooperation with these changes.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email bfischer@tvs.k12.oh.us or at 937-839-4688.