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TVS Athletic Records Boards

TVS has realized a goal long in the making of putting up record boards for our varsity sports in the high school commons. The official records have been accumulated and vetted through coaches' record sheets, official stat sheets and newspaper articles.  Some of our sports were easy to find, some have taken extensive research on behalf of past and current members of the athletic department. Obviously, we do not have room for every possible stat category, and we have tried to put up the most viable records for each sport. If someone feels that one of the records is disputable, we would need to see some form of official written proof, however, we have not put anything up that we don't feel has already been confirmed in a reliable manner.  

As of now, we have all of our varsity sports except for volleyball represented, and we hope to have the volleyball board finalized by the end of January.  I'd like to thank the following people for their help in regards to this project: Clint Bartlett, Cory Bassler, Dan Bassler, Richie Faber, Mike Fahrenholz, Bob Fischer, Glen Mabry, Jacob Mabry, Dave Miller, Mike Miller, Chad Newport, Nicholas Randall, Brody Rike, Leslie Roberts, Darcy Robinson, Dane Sadowski, Jim Wagers, Frank Wright, Clay Young and Dustin Zimmer.

This project was paid for with donated funds and we appreciate the donors for their continued generosity.