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TVS Field Day Fundraiser

Staff, Parents, Guardians, Families, and Friends,

I hope everyone is off to a great school year! I am happy to announce that we have passed the BoxTops fundraiser to Mrs. Weldy and the Art Classes. We have decided to try something new, and sell TVS Physical Education t-shirts to raise funds for our Annual Field Day. Typical cost of this event is close to $2,500.

The shirt that we are selling is a short sleeve t-shirt that says “Property of TVS K-6 Physical Education”. We are offering this shirt in 3 different colors: Athletic Grey, Black, and Red. Choose whatever color you would like! The Panther Logo will be on the back of the shirt. Cost of the t-shirt will be $10.00. For each shirt sold, we will receive $3.50/ shirt. So, for every 100 shirts sold, we will receive $350 toward the cost of our Field Day. Our goal is to raise enough money to cover the typical cost of the event.

This fundraiser is really simple, and no one has to deal with any money. All sales will be done online. All we ask that you do, is share this online shop link with your family, friends, and fellow community members. Feel free to share the link on social media, forward it in an email or text, or cut and pass out the link tickets that are provided in the attached document.

Tickets to share! 

The online shop is currently live, and will stay open until October 10. You will have your orders in-hand, by mid-November. Anyone who orders, will be asked to provide the name of the student that they supported and their classroom teacher, for sorting purposes. If you are just purchasing to support, and do not have a student involved, please type “Physical Education” in the Student/ Teacher space.

As always, we really appreciate your support of this event that the kids at TVS love. Field Day is the culmination event of our school year that our students look forward to. Wearing one of these shirts is a great way to show that you have supported the kids in our community! Please do not hesitate to email me at pfields@tvs.k12.oh.us if you have any questions.

Parker Fields 
Elementary Physical Education Teacher