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  • 100 Education Drive West Alexandria, OH 45381


Athletic Department
Tony Augspurger, Athletic Director
(937) 839-4693 x200
Ryan Innis, Assistant Athletic Director
 Schedulestar has changed thier website. When clicking button above, it will take you to tvspanthers.com home page. Across the top of the page are different tabs. Click on Calendar for monthly activities. For individual teams, click on appropriate season (spring, winter or fall) click on which sport and see a list of all teams for that sport. Finally, click on the level in which you are interested in obtaining information and you will be directed to that page. As changes occur on the schedule, the A.D. will update immediately.  

Become A Panther Sponsor Today!
Twin Valley South has seen multiple upgrades to their athletic facilities over the past few years. ALL of these improvements are thanks to generous donors around our community. If you would like to become a Panther Sponsor, please click here to see what you could receive in return for your donation! Thank you to all current and future sponors! Go South!
Ticket Prices
The CCC has changed ticket prices for all varsity athletic events except for football games. Varsity football will remain $6 for all tickets. For all other varsity events, it will remain $6 for all adults (anyone beyond graduation age and beyond), but will go to $4 for all students. At TVS we charge for all students from first grade on. All JV, JH and freshman only events will remain $4 for everyone.
Contact Information
  • Football:  Clint Bartlett   cbartlett@tvs.k12.oh.us
  • JH Football: Chris Fogle cfogle@tvs.k12.oh.us   
  • Volleyball:  Jandee Mowell  jmowell@tvs.k12.oh.us
  • JV Volleyball: Meghan Puckett  meghpuck@icloud.com
  • 8th Grade Volleyball: Kaylee Marshall  kmj.kayleejohnson@gmail.com
  • 7th Grade Volleyball: Emily Burge  em_to_the_ily@hotmail.com 
  • Boys Soccer:  Clay Young   cyoung@tvs.k12.oh.us
  • Girls Soccer:  Eric Petersen   TVSsoccercoach@gmail.com
  • Cheerleading:  Chelsea Sorrell   barney.chelsea@gmail.com
  • JH Cheerleading: Shelby Hager  shelbyhager03@gmail.com  
  • Cross Country:  Richie Faber   rvfaber@gmail.com
  • Boys Basketball:  Tony Augspurger  taugspurger@tvs.k12.oh.us
  • JV Basketball: Cory Bassler  cbassler@newlebanonschools.org
  • Girls Basketball: Lindsey Cole  lcole@tvs.k12.oh.us
  • JV Girls Basketball: Connie Wells  zejwells@msn.com 
  • Wrestling: James Wagers  jamesewagers@gmail.com
  • JH Wrestling: Chris Fogle  cfogle@tvs.k12.oh.us 
  • 7th Grade Boys Basketball: Clay Young  cyoung@tvs.k12.oh.us 
  • 8th Grade Boys Basketball: Dustin Vorhis  d.vorhisxp@gmail.com
  • 7th Grade Girls Basketball: Chris Tilton  chrisaucam@gmail.com
  • 8th Grade Girls Basketball: Caleb Walker  cwalker@tvs.k12.oh.us
  • HS Cheerleading: Danielle Simpson   dance4dda@gmail.com
  • JH Cheerleading: Shelby Hager  shelbyhager03@gmail.com


Coaching Openings

For coaching requirements, click here

Please contact Tony Augspurger at taugspurger@tvs.k12.oh.us if you have any questions!

Athletic Updates
All athletic updates and other changes can be found on the TVS Twitter feed (@TVS_Athletics) located at the top of the Athletic Page. These updates can also be found by clicking on the Athletics Calendar button below.
Fight Song
Panthers, Panthers Hats off to Thee,
To Our Colors, True We Will Ever Be,
Firm and Strong , United are We,
Give a Cheer for Red and Grey,
We are with You All the Way,
All for Twin Valley South ! 
Alma Mater

Alma Mater Twin Valley with your banners red and grey,

We will always be loyal; cherish panther pride always--

From the hills and the valleys as our grads go forth from thee--

All your glory, praise and honor, Alma Mater Twin Valley.

West Alex Alma Mater:

Words by Vera Habekost

Music by Freda Habekost (Bowser)

Twin Valley words by Diane (Bowser) Walker
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