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Community Local Schools

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TVCLSD Emergency Parental Notification Protocols

Ohio House Bill 487 (ORC 3313.536) requires schools to inform students and parents/guardians of how you would be notified in an emergency situation.

In the event Twin Valley Community Local Schools were to suffer/encounter some type of an emergency or crisis situation during the school day, such as a terroristic attack, natural, or unnatural disaster, school administration will communicate information to parents/guardians as soon as practical in light of the circumstances. The school’s first priority, however, would be to ensure the safety of students and staff.  Once the situation is at a manageable point, school administration will communicate to parents in the following priority:

"One Call Now" phone messaging 
Parent Email (Based on school email sign-up)
Parent Text (Based on OneCall Now Text Sign-up) 
Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, TVS School website)
News Media
Direct school to parent phone calls (Emergency Medical Authorization forms)

In the event of an emergency, students would be released to parents/guardians in a controlled, accountable fashion. You would be given information where and when to meet your students so as to avoid bottlenecks and make for a quicker and safer reunification process.  If you have questions, feel free to contact your building principal.